Bose SoundLink keeps turning on and connecting

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Bose SoundLink keeps turning on and connecting

I don’t always want my Bluetooth speaker to connect. I want I to connect when I turn it on. It is alarming and annoying and makes this speaker useless as I have to let It run out of batteries so it stops waking and connecting all the time. Whyyy? I have read other issues like this and have done the resets. The last response was that this was intentional by the software update. If that is the case I want a refund. It is ridiculous to believe that whenever my Bluetooth is on that I want it connected to a speaker.
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Re: Bose SoundLink keeps turning on and connecting

I don't work for Bose and many in multiple Bose forums have commented on this issue.  I won't go into much detail here since you can read about it elsewhere.  You have discovered that in Bose's bluetooth implementation, they have taken advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  You can actually use an app on your phone (most of free) to determine whether the Bose device is emitting a BLE signal.  So the BLE implementation by Bose is 'by design' IMHO and not a bug (so far.... Smiley Happy ).  This allows the device to have a small amount of functionality all the time to do things like get turned on by the Bose Connect app and to go into Party/Stereo mode through the app.  It will also explain why it turns on in response to another device turning on.

The good news is that it does not happen with all the Bluetooth implementations.  My Revolve was turning on every time I turned on my laptop when I was using my Intel BT hardware on my Dell.  I have since disabled it and use the SMK Nano BT USB Dongle (about $12 on ebay).  As far as I can tell, the Revolve does not turn itself on anymore when I turn on my laptop.

So here is the bottom line as I understand it. You can not turn off the Revolve - ever.  Not in the sense of your understanding off meaning cesation of all power.  The on/off switch on the Revolve does not go from on to off.  Off is not Off.  The on/off switch is merely a 'toggle' between a fully functioning device and a reduced functioning device in BLE mode/state.

So here is what I believe are your options:
1. Return or sell the Revolve and get a speaker that does not implement BLE.  Even some Bose devices qualify.  My Bose Sounlink Mini does not support BLE at all (or Bose connect) and my headphones, QC35ii are totally off when off - not in BLE state as far as I know.

2. Change your BT hardware like I did ($12 is not much money to solve this issue) though I can not guarantee you my dongle will solve your issue

3. Un-pair the Revolve when not being used

4. Turn off the Revolve any time you turn on your laptop

5. Keep working with Bose to convince them to change their BT implementation for BLE (though remember, it is not happening on all BT implementations).


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Re: Bose SoundLink keeps turning on and connecting

I am worried about this too is it bad for you to have the BLE emitting signals throughout your house 24 hours a day and not being able to turn it completely off i tested it with one of those ble apps and it could pick up my revolve plus , way out the back of my house down the back garden miles from my house, so i cant even put it in my house to escape the radiation, does anyone know if this is bad for your health.


Re: Bose SoundLink keeps turning on and connecting

Hello creative25,


Thanks for posting. I can understand your concern. While there isn't a lot of data available that clearly defines the level of risk from BLE devices, keep in mind that BLE uses far less power than standard Bluetooth transmissions and both use much less power than your cell phone's radio. I hope that helps! 


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