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Nov 15, 2020

Bose Soundlink Color ii with Apple TV

I purchased two Bose Soundlink Color ii to pair in party mode with my AppleTV. Out of the box it worked great.  Would just leave the Bose speakers on and turn my tv and AppleTV off.  When I turned everything back on the Bose speakers would still connect and be in party mode.  Unfortunately, I did a firmware update and now every time I turn the Apple TV off the speakers unlink and disconnect from party mode so I now have to reconnect to the Apple TV and then reset up party mode.  Any idea on how I can just get back to the out of the box settings before I did the firmware update?  Prior to that update everything worked perfectly together as I had hoped.  Now it’s a cumbersome setup that’s not worth it.  Just want to get back to the out of the box settings but a factory reset doesn’t get it back to those settings again.  Ideas?!