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Jan 12, 2021

Bose Soundlink II - Charging issue - incompatibility with other micro USB cables

Hi all,


Ordered a new Soundlink II in October and it worked fine for a month or so and then I noticed that it wouldn't charge.  I tried 4 different micro usb cables, reset the device, went through all troubleshooting steps I could find to no avail.  So last month I called and RMA'd the defective speaker.  


Today I received the replacement.  Instead of replacing it with my original dark blue speaker, I was sent a black speaker.....very annoying.  What's even more annoying is that when I plugged it in to charge it in my charging station, it wouldn't charge.  Again, I tried several micro USB cables that I use to charge other devices I have and again nothing.  On a hunch, I pulled the cable that came with the speaker and voila - it charges fine.  Is the micro USB cable that ships with the speaker proprietary of some kind?  I see nothing in the documentation that indicates I have to use the cable that ships witth the speaker and even when I look online, I see several posts where Bose representatives suggest trying another cable when there is an issue charging the speaker.  What gives?  I'm a LONG time Bose user and I've always been so impressed with their products  and service.  But now they can't even ship me the proper speaker and the one I do get  seems to have proprietary power requirements..