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Sep 9, 2020

Bose Soundlink Micro DEAD

My Bose Soundlink Micro just suddenly died. It was working fine a couple of weeks ago then suddenly, music won't play anymore. Bluetooth can still connect but instead of all 5 lights lighted up, only the first and third would light up when charged to power. I got this last December 2017 and note, it was never submerged in water. Unit still looks brand new, everything intact and no scratches. Well-taken cared of. So, don't know why it broke? It seems like the speakers became grounded as there was no longer a voice saying "bluetooth connected" nor music playing even if my mobile device showed it was supposed to be playing.


Solutions I have done myself:

- Try to hard reset

- Updated to latest software


Then brought it to the Bose Service Center here in Manila, Philippines. They simply just tried to check the software if it was up to date and pronounced it unfixable. There is no physical remedy to change parts whatsoever because Bose does not provide spare parts for this unit. For something that isn't cheap, why is it irreparable? The only thing they offered me was to trade my broken model for a new for a price of USD 100+, which I politely decline. Why would I pay for more knowing the quality of the brand and product can only withstand a short period of time. 


I am very disappointed with the quality of my Bose speakers and it only lasted me for 2 years and 9 months! Bose is supposed to be known for its superior quality... I have other portable speakers that last longer than Bose. Never purchasing this brand again.