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Mar 19, 2020

Bose Soundlink Micro - Putting the speaker to extreme situations.

So, I've head the Bose Soundlink Micro for 2-3 months and I've really enjoyed it, really usable with the strap, excellent performance. But now, I wanted to have a little fun with it, and some people might judge me for it, but just wanted to try.

So I live on the 16th floor and I strapped the speaker to the window, putting the strap at its maximum capability, and I've read articles about the strap breaking off the speaker, and if it does break, the speaker will fly along with the wind. So now I'm wondering, in strong wind, strap maximally used, is it possible to just detach, or break off the speaker? Tell me your opinion.

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Mar 29, 2020

Re: Bose Soundlink Micro - Putting the speaker to extreme situations.

Hi there,


I also have the Soundlink Micro and I also like it, sound, features and all.

To answer your question: 
1. How strong is the wind? What direction is the wind blowing with regards to your strapped device?

2. Where did you strap the device? 


I have been using my SL Micro for quite sometime now when I go to trails. I strapped it in my backpack, on my bike, on my belt and so far it has come home with me.


To make the story short, the strap can almost withstand the usual and normal environment that you can put on it. I'm not sure about how reliable it can handle in extreme environment, but as long as the latch stays on and the strap is not busted it will handle very well.


Hey, just to add something. 

Did you know that you can simply connect to your SL Micro without even turning it on?

If you have previously connected it to your phone, you can just open your phone's bluetooth and connect to it even if your SL Micro is turned off. Try it.

It works with my Android phone.


And to add to that, I started a topic here in Bose about that feature which, as I have requested be included in the new Soundlink Mini 2 Special Edition (I bought the SL Mini 2 S.E. last Nov. 2019).

I'm still waiting for any moderator or administrator to answer my topic on that but it seems they don't want to have any part of it.


Thank you for spending time reading my input.