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Jan 3, 2021

Bose soundlink mini II (special edition) connect to the computer issue

Hello, everyone, I just bought the Bose soundlink mini2 special edition, the BTU query firmware is the latest, and the automatic shutdown has been replaced (long press the volume + and Bluetooth). After connecting to the computer with Bluetooth, it can play normally for up to half an hour, and then there is no sound. It prompts that XX {computer code} is connected but no sound, and it is connected and played with the mobile phone. Everything is normal and can continue.
Disable other sound output, and set it to MINI as an alternative. Sometimes I need to reset the Bluetooth and reconnected again,  it can take another half an hour. Sometimes it prompts once more that it is connected and normal. It really affects the experience. Has anyone encountered this situation? Please let me know if you have a solution, such as the computer Bluetooth driver? Thank you! Or just connect with AUX directly? If works, I'll buy the line tomorrow, and don't have to return it.