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Aug 13, 2020

Chromecast + Bose Revolve+ Soundlink Integration

I want to connect "Google chromecast" and my "Bose Revolve+ Soundlink" but I can't.


In chromecast let integration with "Bose Music" App but when you try to sync, Google says that it's necesary do it through "Bose Music" App, however in "Bose Music" App not recognize "Bose Revolve+ Soundlink".


What can I do?


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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Chromecast + Bose Revolve+ Soundlink Integration

The Bose Music app is not compatible with the Soundlink range as it works with Wifi (initial connection is BT, but then it works over Wifi).  The Bose connect app is the one that controls settings on the Soundlinks.


From what I can see the only way to get Chromecast working with the revolves would be with a chromecast audio plugged into the Aux (and also turning off the Auto-off feature on the revolve).  In this case you would be casting to the Chromecast audio which happens to have the soundlink as the speaker rather than casting to the speaker itself.