ColorLink ii volume controls with Aluratek BTooth Transmitter

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ColorLink ii volume controls with Aluratek BTooth Transmitter

Was doing a "senior living" modification at the in-laws, trying to hook up ColorLink ii to an Aluratek TV BTooth transmitter with headphones as 2nd device. The Bose device tested well with tablet and phone and volume controls were responsive. When I put it on the ABC53F transmitter connected to TV audio out, I could not get volume controls on the ColorLink to respond... Is this some kind of BT incapatability or format issue? TV audio volume with the TV control all the way up is just not loud enough and pressing/holding + or - on the ColorLink does essentially nothing with this particular BT source.


Was in a rush.  Could have done something stupid.. LOL... Are there "fixed volume" device protocols on BT? I'm an electronics engineer, but BT ignorant.. 


Re: ColorLink ii volume controls with Aluratek BTooth Transmitter

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It sounds like there may be an incompatibility between the BT transmitter and the Bose SoundLink Color.  Do you have any other Bluetooth devices you can connect to the transmitter?


Are you able to adjust the volume on the BT transmitter?


Let me know so we can get this working!


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Re: ColorLink ii volume controls with Aluratek BTooth Transmitter

As I said in 1st post, the volume controls on Colorlink work fine with a tablet BT source. There's new info tho.. The Aluratek came at BT transmitter and headphone set.. The volume controls on the HEADPHONES provided by the company did not appear to work either. So -- it MIGHT BE a BT transmitter issue, but as an electronics engineer, I have hard time reasoning how anything in the BT data stream can over-ride manual controls on the audio destination devices..


But more importantly, I've returned the ColorLink for refund because after 2 or 3 days it exhibited the same design issue that dozens of reviews warned about. Got a call from the in-laws that the speaker was unresponsive and no charging light. Would not turn on at all. I didn't bother to mess with troubleshooting because it's a known issue. But the sales assistant at the store did some kind of "factory reset" on it to get it to play. Still did not charge. Had been constantly on charge at the in-laws -- but battery light stayed red..


Seems like buying on reputation and name doesn't protect anyone from sub par engineering anymore...