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Jan 9, 2020


I am unable to find any specs on the speakers DAC.  I find it odd your "spec" link has no "specs"!


Where can I find this?  Specifically I am looking for what type of audio formats are supported and what resolutions are supported.  Since I am unable to play hi res files natively, but can play them if I have my player bring the resolution down to 44.1, seems a pretty sure bet support for the resolutions are the issue.  48 did not work, nor 96 and up.  What is supported?  Is there a software update that might provide for higher resolutions?  I believe I read using the speakers DAC is the only option.....although I did read on one board you could use the headphone jack to take audio out of a PC and feed into speaker.  I don't see any headphone jack on my speaker.  Now I realize talking about high resolution files on a portable speaker is a bit wacky, but my issue is in order to play files, I need to keep changing back and forth what my player should do when a resolution will not play.  Any solutions?