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Jan 11, 2021

Difficulties with my new soundlink mini II special edition



Soundlink mini II special edition worked perfectly for a couple of days. Then, suddenly, after pairing the device with my cellphone (Redmi), I tried to play music on spotify and it wouldn't play the music. 


I tried resetting the speaker but ran again into the same issue. 


I have only used the multi function button in the middle to select the language after resetting the device. Does the multi function button on the middle have any other uses? 


Thank you in advance for your support. Looking forward to hear guidelines to solve this issue. 








Re: Difficulties with my new soundlink mini II special edition

Hey @ximena.garces, thanks for posting, and welcome to the Bose Community!


Sorry that you've not been able to play Spotify through your SoundLink Mini II SE. Have you been able to connect it with any other devices and successfully stream from Spotify? Also, can you stream from any other sources on your current device to the speaker? 

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