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Jan 12, 2021

F1 Model 812 Setup for Basement Live Band Space

Bose product name: F1 Model 812


I am remodeling and re-equipping my basement music area where we rehearse/play with a full band (2 guitars, bass, traditional/acoustic drums, lead vocals, 1-2 backup vocals). We occasionally have band members friends/families join and can have upto 50 people in there.


See room layout with measurements attached.


As part of the remodeling, I am getting vinyl sound absorbing flooring, sound absorbing ceiling panels, sound absorbing wall panels (including bass traps) installed. After quite a bit of research I settled on using a mix of F1 Model 812 and L1. 


We play classic rock, rock...and usually run 2 guitars + bass through amp/cab simulators directly into the mixer and mic the bass drum only. A synth/keyboard goes is used sometimes.



1. Given the size, and the load can I make it work with 1 F1 812 front of house and 1 in the back  given the small size and low 8ft ceilings?

2. What would the best wall/ceiling placement of the powered speakers be? I have marked some position options on the layout diagram attachedMusic Area Layout.jpg