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Aug 8, 2020

Finally got my Mini soundlink 2 battery reset to work as the official bose advice didnot work !

After months of going through google and this Bose forum community, nothing work.

Bose recommended battery reset when speaker went into shipping mode also didnot work.


But amazing thing happened, one guy on the internet actually pointed it out in detailed.


When you tried everything but the battery led status still flashing the horrible red  then it is time

to give this a try.

You must connect the speaker to the laptop or PC usb port. 

Go to Bose site to download Bose updater app.

Once downloaded, open it up.

The application will auto detect that your mini soundlink connected and would either update it to the latest firmware or just tell you that the firmware is updated.

Whatever the case is , just force it to update again as this would cause the speaker to flush everything and reinstall the firmware.

To do this on your keyboard type in the following letters in sequence ignore the comas :

a , d , v , up arrow , down arrow 

then you will see a new update menu on the screen , just select update the latest firmware again.

Refer to this link