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Dec 15, 2018

Internet Radio through Bose Portable Home speakser

Hi...I can listen to internet radio stations on the Deezer iPhone app, but not when listening to Deezer through the Bose Portable Home Speaker.  

What am I doing wrong or is this not possible?  Thanks...Grant 


Re: Internet Radio through Bose Portable Home speakser

Hi gfhbass,


I'd love to look into this with you.


I would firstly like to get some further information so I ensure I understand correctly what you're experiencing. 


You're able to use your iPhone Deezer app fine connected to your Portable Home Speaker, however when trying to use Deezer in the Bose Music app you are not able to?


Do you get any error messages at all?


Does this only occur with Deezer? Are you able to use the other WiFi streaming services in the Bose Music app? I would like to see whether this is isolated to Deezer. 


Let us know, we would love to help. 😊

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