My Bose Soundlink Colour II has stopped working

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My Bose Soundlink Colour II has stopped working

The device is only a few months old and yesterday it wouldn't power on. I left it on charge overnight and it hasn't resolved the issue.

When I plugged it in, the power button flashed orange twice and then about 10 seconds later, the Power, Bluetooth & input buttons blink once and then the thing dies. 


I'm unable to hard reset it as the three button flash doesn't allow me to wait the required 10 seconds.

Have connected it to my laptop to try update software, but that is all up to date.


Has anyone else had the same issue or been able to resolve it? Really annoying as I love the speaker.


Re: My Bose Soundlink Colour II has stopped working

Hello ajmck8,


Thank you very much for your post, welcome to the community! 


I am very sorry that your SoundLink Color II seems to no longer be responding, I would love to do what I can to get this resolved for you. 


Have you tried using another USB charging cable to see if this provides any more positive results to the charging process? 

Also please attempt using a different charging outlet that you commonly use to charge your speaker. 


Please let us know how you get on.


Many thanks,

Tegan M - Community Support