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Dec 28, 2019

On/Off and Charger Question

Q1: Is it harmful to keep my Portable Home Speaker powered on 24/7 365 while on a Charging Cradle?  I am only in the location where it is once a week. 

Q2: If my Portable Home Speaker is powered down, can it sit on a Charging Cradle 24/7 365?
Q2:  Is there a way to power down or power on my Portable Home Speaker via an app?  Or do I have to use the button on top of the Speaker. 


Re: On/Off and Charger Question

Hi @onmyR3,


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community.


To answer your questions:


1 - It isn't necessarily harmful, however, you may find that it's not beneficial to keep the speaker on the charging cradle at all times. We advise as recommended to only charge the system when it needs to be charged.

2 - If the speaker is not turned on, you'll find the cradle will still charge the speaker regardless, so it may not be ideal to keep it sat in the cradle. (If the cradle is plugged in)

3 - The only way to properly power down the system will be using the buttons on top of the system.


I apologize if any of this is an inconvenience to you. If you're anticipating that the speaker will only be used once a week, I'd advise leaving the speaker off the cradle unless it needs to be charged up.


Warm regards,

Sam F - Community Support

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Nov 30, 2019

Re: On/Off and Charger Question

hi, i wanna know if i can keep my portable home speaker on the charging cradle & play the speaker even after it is charged 100%, without damaging the battery