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May 23, 2017

Oops! Something went wrong

I have just purchased a Bose Portable Home Speaker.  This is and expensive item (£300) and it seems reasonable to expect it to work without too much problem.  I have followed the instructions.


1. Downloaded the Bose Music app onto my phone running Android.


2. Turned my speaker on by holding down the volume down and play/pause until the speaker glaws amber.


3. Launched the app on my phone.


4. Clicked on 'Set Up a New Product'


5. Clicked on 'Speakers and Soundbars'


6. 'Bose Portable Home Speaker' appears and I clicked 'Add'.


7. Phone appears to be connecting.


8. After about 30 seconds I get a screen saying

"Oops! Something went wrong"
"We had trouble establishing an initial connection with your product"

9.  I have tried again multiple times.

I have tried turning speaker off and retarting my phone and repeating the process.

All to no avail.

10. This really is unacceptable for an expensive product.







Re: Oops! Something went wrong

Hey Paul, 


Thanks for choosing Bose. 


I am sorry that you are facing this issue. Check out the steps on this thread here to resolve your issue. 


Let me know if you have any questions. 

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