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Jul 25, 2020

Pairing issues (have tried a lot of fixes)

My Bose Soundlink has worked beautifully for a year and a half and is now having trouble pairing. It won't pair with either MacBook Pro in the house, both have the latest OS. I have installed Bose's upgrade to the speaker's software. I have tried erasing the Soundlink from both Bluetooth memories of computers and re-paired; that works the first time I erase and re-pair, but then will not connect again. The speaker seems to always pair with my iphone no problem. I have also posted about this issue and been re-directed to a similar (unsolved) thread, so I would love more direct help this time if possible! Thanks. 


Re: Pairing issues (have tried a lot of fixes)

Hello Dee6, 


Thank you for posting and reaching out to us for support. I'd love to assist you further with these pairing issues you are having. 


So that we can assist you further can you please let us know exactly which SoundLink speaker you have? If you are unsure you can use our product identifier tool here


We look forward to hearing back from you with more information. 

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