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Dec 18, 2019

Portable Home Speaker, cannot change Wi-Fi network/password with IOS13.3

i use the portable home speaker. Like in the manual described, to change wifi network data at first press "volume -" and "play" button. Then connect directly with W-Lan to the speaker. Next step is to open Bose Music App and change directly the network name or password. Yes with IOS 12.4 for example it runs perfect but now i updated my IOS to 13.3 and when i open the app nothing happens i see only the connected speaker but without a chance to change anything in the WiFi settings. Now i found a workaround, if you are connected via W-Lan to the speaker you can change the WiFi settings with your browser (Safari). Enter in the adressline and the setup page will be open.
@boseTeam: Do you know this issue, and when it will be solved?
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Re: Portable Home Speaker, cannot change Wi-Fi network/password with IOS13.3

Hello Bwimmer,


Thank you for posting. I would be happy to help with this.


As you have noticed this issue started since you updated to IOS 13.3, I would recommend that we start by reinstalling the app onto your device. 


The method you have found that uses is our Alternate Setup method for Wi-Fi and is intended to be used in situations such as this. However, we should be able to get you back to using the setup with the Bose Music app.


Kind Regards,


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