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Aug 11, 2020

Portable Stereo Speakers

“At this current time, Stereo Mode is not something that is available on the Portable Home Speakers. They can be grouped for multi-play but not split for stereo sound just yet. “     Oct 2019


Portable Home Speakers are now called Portable Smart Speakers


"just yet"  are the words I heard when I upgraded to the Portable Home/Smart Speakers 8 months ago.  I am losing hope, that it will be done.   


I had and sold two Soundlink Resolve Plus Speakers in order to upgrade the two Portable Home/Smart Speakers.  I traded ‘Great stereo sound’ for ‘bells and whistles’ that I do not use.


Q1 - Are there plans to do it yes/no? 


Q2 – If no, can I trade these back in for a pair of Stereo Soundlink Resolve Plus Speakers?


Thanks, Hank