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Nov 19, 2020

Portable home speaker not staying connected

I am using my portable home speaker as my main sound source and I want it to stay connected on bluetooth even during inactivity.


Sadly enough it doesn't do so and disconnects after about 20 min.

There's no setting within the app to force it to stay connected and since it's on a docking station while being at home, battery saving is not my concern in this scenario.


Setting the speaker to standby mode changes nothing.

Please let me know if there's a way to use my bose speaker the way I want, since I really like the product otherwise.



Re: Portable home speaker not staying connected

Hi Chris,


Thanks for reaching out.


Regrettably there is not a way to have your Portable Home Speaker permanently connected via Bluetooth, WiFi connection is the default and if you wish to use Bluetooth this will need to be enabled. 


Regarding your speaker turning off, if there is no audio playing and no interaction with your product, it will turn off automatically after 20 minutes. This also cannot be altered. 


I apologize for any disappointment this provides.

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