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Feb 14, 2020

Resolve+ USB "device" input can ONLY BE A PC ???????

I wanted to put this out there because it just doesn't make sense to me. I cannot get my old but true iPod classic working with the Resolve+ via USB CABLE.  I purchased an adapter with a female USB end and a male MICRO-USB end to act as the interface connection between my iPod classic and the Resolve+ because the Resolve+ only has a female input. Bottom line … it doesn't work. I was told by BOSE support that the ONLY USB device that can be connected to the Resolve+ is a computer ??????


If that is the case.... it makes NO mention of that in the user manual.  It leads you to believe that ANY USB capable music "device" can be connected. According to BOSE support, this is NOT true.  If this is the case then I have no choice but to download all my must to my iPhone and try to connect via Bluetooth and the iPod can't be used at all.  


Is this making sense to anyone (Bose employee or not) out there ?????? If that's the case..... CHANGE THE USER GUIDE !!!!