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Jun 24, 2020

Revolve Plus volume malfunction

Since there are multiple posts which do not contain an acceptable answer from support I’m posting this anew. My speaker arrived some days ago, I tried multiple bluetooth transmitters such as the Sennheiser BT-T100 to no avail. The volume buttons do not work. In the case of the above transmitter Bose Support blamed the absence of the AVRCP bluetooth protocol (see https://community.bose.com/t5/Kopfh%C3%B6rer-Archiv/Bose-soundlink-revolve-lautst%C3%A4rke/td-p/1884...). But another transmitter which clearly supports this protocol produces exactly the same issue. And now I’ve tested my Sony PS-LX310BT turntable, no volume controls either. Come on Bose, you’re better than this!!

Even my old trusted Bose Soundlink Mini works flawlessly in this regard, so upgrading to the Revolve Plus has been a huge disappointment until now...


Please respond so I know if I should wait for the next (hopefully very soon) firmware-update or that I should return the speaker to the store asap.