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Jun 15, 2018

Revolve - Replacing Batteries

Just want to go on 'record' on this.  I have two Revolve's (with latest firmware, 3.0.4).  One has a manufacturing date of 3/11/16.  The other 11/10/17.


I noticed that one of the units was having problems getting a full charge - would often not go above 90%.  Then I noticed last month that BOTH units would charge to 100% but even if I did not turn them on (and even with the multifunction key turning them totally off - no BLE), after a few days they would be between 60 and 80%.  Neither was holding a charge.

They are 'old enough' that there was little doubt in my mind they both had battery issues and needed replacing.  I'm OK with that - I just replaced my battery in my iPhone 7+.   Batteries will not last forever - this was not Bose's fault.  It was part of normal wear and tear.

So I called Bose and had them both sent in.  They offered a multi-unit discount.  I ended up paying $64.95 per unit for servicing/new batteries.  Now both units charge to 100% and stay at 100%. 

Turnaround including shipping to Bose "ground' was 3 to 4 weeks (in the U.S.)