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May 27, 2020

Revolve and Revolve Plus & Siri

Hi I am very close to purchasing either the Revolve or Revolve plus. 
The two questions I need help with are -

1. If you press the relevant button on either and ask Siri to play a song does it do so?

2. Is the additional cost for the plus worth it versus the smaller revolve?




Re: Revolve and Revolve Plus & Siri

Hi miteshjoshi!


Welcome to the community! Thanks for posting!

It's great to hear you are looking into getting a SoundLink Revolve or Revolve + and I'd love to help you with this!


You can indeed use Siri with both of these speakers. The microphone in the speaker acts as an extension of the microphone in your smartphone. Using the multi-function button on the speaker, you can access the voice controls capabilities on your mobile device to make/take calls or use Siri!


To do this, with your phone connected, all you would need to do is press and hold the multi-function button!


As for whether the Revolve + is worth the extra money, this will come down to your preferences and how you are intending to use the speaker. As the Revolve + is larger and has a larger driver it will be louder and able to fill larger spaces with sound. You also get 16 hours of battery life with the Revolve + and 12 hours with the Revolve. 


I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!

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