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Jun 26, 2020

Revolve+ in Bluetooth Stereo Mode with W10

Please explain how to stereo connect two Revolve+ speakers operating in Bluetooth mode to a W10 PC without using the button switches.


The stereo link is easily done under software control with the Bose app from a smartphone but it disconnects the PC.

Connecting one speaker to W10 is no problem.  Connecting two speakers is no problem under W10 but only one can be driven unless one resorts to the 3rd party VoiceMeeter software and then only mono (Party mode) is available. The button controls permit stereo but they should be avoided because they wear easily. Why is there no similar app for W10 PCs?

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Revolve+ in Bluetooth Stereo Mode with W10

@jemerliaI just replied to this in another post just below so I won't say anything more than you need to use the button approach to connect the two speakers in 'stereo' mode using BT on any win or mac machine.  The Bose Connect app is only available for mobile devices.

I personally avoid the whole situation by using them wired with a Hosa YMM-261 "Stereo Splitter" (most splitters are mono on both ends).