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Dec 6, 2019

Revolve plus Streaming issues issue

I have read a lot of posts regarding streaming issues and I’m sad to see I’ve most likely blown $300 on Bose Junk. My 6 month old Revolve plus is on its way back to Bose for repair.  Unit has under 5 hours of usage because it has never worked properly.  When I pair speaker to an iPad it streams with out issue. But when paired to a PC or any Alexa product both close by or at a distance outside streaming issues ensue, and by that I mean constantly.  Sadly when same devices are paired to SoundLink Mini 2 or UE Boom no issue what so ever.  I can already tell the outcome will be Bose finds nothing wrong when speaker is returned to me.  There is no updated firmware to secure and so I fully expect to receive speaker back in same unusable state which means it may or may not work depending on day, time or paired device. As a former Apple, Verizon engineer - product is 100% the issue as PC, Alexa, MacBook are all new and have no issue except with Revolve plus. Since there will be no fix or remedy, I will eat $150.00 by selling on Craig’s list and moving away from Bose for good.  I’ve never owned a premium product that was defective out of box, had zero customer support besides going through the charade of attempting to fix a product then returning in same condition as seen in multiple posts. You would think Bose would offer replacement or trade up program, instead speaker will be resold day it comes back.  Sadly I never had one day of uninterrupted streaming since day speaker was purchased, while the Boom and Mini soldier on problem free..  I would seek guidance from the forum but after reading other comments and thoroughly testing via multiple media sources, there is no doubt the SW or BT stack is deficient and there is no new SW to secure.