Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

Thanks very much for your response. You at least saved me from spending a bunch of time on this which would have equaled more frustration.
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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

Hello Andy:

With all your respect this is a very vague and ridiculous answer. If you take a look at this discussion we have been complaining for months. We have tried it all, reseting, disconnecting, etc etc.

Plus we have been waiting for a reply from someone from Bose for MONTHS!!

Its unacceptable that a brand like Bose has such a horrible customer service, you are ignoring a design problem and the only thing you are causing is unsatisfied customers who will drop your brand forever.

I live in Barcelona (Spain) and it has been impossible to reach out for local support.

I demand a valid solution, my problem is still on and its outrageous that this high end speaker has a quality function that is present in so many customers.

Thanks for your attention.
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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

I might as well pile on here, considering I've gotten no satisfaction from contacting the Customer Support...


I have two speakers - Soundlink Mimi (Original Version) and Soundlink Color.  Both have the automatic turn off issues.  I contacted Bose customer support, as suggested here, to get some answers as to why.  At first, I was told it's a battery issue and that for $80 US I can send it in and they will restore to new condition with a one-year warranty.  Later in the conversation I was told that while they have it they will determine if its a hardware issue or a software issue, what?!  "Didn't you just say it was a battery issue?"

To be fair I've only just reset the Soundlink Mini, which has been a workhorse for years.  It's only recently that this power down issue has occurred.  I will add that yesterday I had it in it's cradle and using the AUX input it would shut down AND lower the volume to 0.  When I would turn it back on I had to turn the volume back up to get sound.  I'd be inclined to spend the money to repair it if someone at Bose could give us some degree of certainty that they have identified the issue and commit to a solution. 

The Soundlink Color is about 3 years newer and also just started the same issue.  Neither unit ever had any issues until recently - very strange Bose.  I love your products, but this one will make me think twice on my next purchase.

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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

You’re obviously right about being a automated bot. Yesterday I received a congratulatory email from Bose telling me that because of my “contributions to the community”, Bose has officially made me an advocate. What a joke....just like their customer service.
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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

Hi Tony,

I too have been having the same problem with the Soundlink Mini shutting off while playing music. I tried resetting as per your instructions with no improvement. I have also visited the support link you provided but this problem is not listed. For me the problem has existed for about 6 months and it appears to be happening more often. I know this is an older forum but wondering if there has been an update for the solution. Thanks


@Tony_G wrote:

Hi everyone


Thanks to everyone who is contributing. If you are experiencing these issues and the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this post ( resetting, clearing and re pairing, charging from both the cradle and the speaker itself) doesn't work, I encourage you to contact your local Bose support.


We are here to help. Here is a link you can use. Click on your country, scroll down to "Contact Us"


Let us know how it works








Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

Hi Moedog,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community.


If you are still experiencing this issue with your battery after trying the troubleshooting steps suggested, I would recommend getting in touch with your local Technical Support team. You can find their contact information HERE by selecting your region and then 'Contact Us' 


Kind Regards,

Keith L

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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

Hey Moedog,

Definitely contact your local Bose support in whatever country you live in if all the suggestions about rebooting don't work...and, trust me, they won't work.  Always imagine that Bose is bending over backwards to take care of this problem.  Dream with the belief they will do anything it takes and spare no expensse to get the problem fixed. Fantasize that their customer support couldn't be more accomodating. Play like Bose realizes this is a huge problem and the last thing they would want to do is lose the goodwill of their customers and jepardize future sales of other Bose products.  Don't worry about a thing. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Tony himself, or one of the other autobot moderators, doesn't personally welcome you to this fourm and shower you with platitudes and offer some worthless, time-consuming techniques to get your hopes up about resolving your Sound Link Mini issues.  Tony has responded to mine and other frustrated owners, for years.  I've been here so long that not only I'm I the proud owner of a worthless Bose Sound Link Mini fishing weight, but thanks to my input on this forum, Tony has officially bestowed me the title of "audio advocate".  If you look, you'll see it proudly next to my forum handle.  It was always a dream of mine to be able to repeatedly be able to post on this forum and gain such a prestigious-sounding title.  I cleverly used my defective Sound Link Mini as a lever to gain my newly aquired title.  If you have enough time to waste, you can probably get Tony, or another autobot, to bestow such an advanced title on you as well.  At least you'll get something from Bose just like I did.  Earning my title has been the highlight of my postings, since there's obviously no chance in hell that Bose will every make any effort to fix or replace my Sound Link Mini.  Whatever you do, don't give up!  Just keep rebooting, pushing buttons, removing the battery and trying to get a different solution from Bose Support.  Granted Tony and the other moderators may be autobots, but they have been a shining example that you should never give up.  After years of hearing the same complaint from hundreds of dissatified buyers, they just continue to regurgitate the same ole answers, knowing full well it will never solve your problem.  That's takes a lot of perseverence and I'm sure it must be exhausting, but like I said, they aren't quitters and they never give up.  I think they are such an inspiration.  The whole scenerio makes me even more proud to be associated with Bose and risen to the level of an audio advocate.  I would like to personally welcome you to Bose support.

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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

Same problem as all.  Fully charged but shuts off randomly while playing music.  No solution?

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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

I bought Soundlink mini first gen few years ago.Same thing kept happening I took it back to the store hoping for a replacement but they sent it to Bose who kept replacing battery. I did this a few times as the problem still reoccurred , the amount of time wasted was months. Problem,it cuts out wired or Bluetooth to iPhones never fixed. I’m out of warranty listening to it now, it will cut out after 20 mins. Disappointed, never buying Bose ever again. Store should have replaced it, this is a major fault. Unhappiness ☹️
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Re: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself

Well, DLaunder said it all.
I have the Soundlink Mini doing that shutdown thing for years now. 
I tried to contact Bose Canada, no answers, I looked through Bose Forum and troubleshooting videos, nothing worked.

I stumbled on a thread on an other forum where a tech guy (not from Bose) said that the physical shutdown system is the actual cause: electronics parts looks to be ageing badly and gets to sensible with time.
I noticed that if I unplug the Soundlink Mini, remove the battery for days, then charge it again, it could be working for days without problems, only if wh the sounds lack bass!
Like podcasts, that all fine, can play for hours. classical violin, perfect, but hiphop or music with a lot of basses, even if the volume is low, will eventually get the Sounlink mini to shut down.
Another turn around I tried: unscrewed the battery and kept it loos. Yes, the sound is not up to what it could be, but having some acoustic pressure getting off from the battery raises the threshold, and then I can win a few more hours that way. All that at the expense of volume amplitude and sound quality.

SO I am almost fed with that line of speakers. Sad, cause no sounds can compare to it. But I better goe JVC, sacrifice a bit of sound quality and never been frustrated again or fearing that the speaker will turn off randomly.

And please Comunity Bose Guy, don't answer that you are sorry, you are not, If every time you write, we're sorry, Bose would have given a speaker, Bose would be closer from bankruptcy.

SO what do I want? a fair an honest answer from Bose and a fair way to solve that situation for me, not for Bose Smiley Wink