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Sep 15, 2020

Sound link is linked but no audio

Was working fine, sound stopped without anything changing. I can’t get it started again even though It shows as connected 

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Sep 13, 2020

Re: Sound link is linked but no audio

Description of the problem (which was resolved):
After updating the phone, the "Bose Connect" software was installed on it.
This program connects a "Bose Micro Soundlink" device to your phone.
The sound of this device was very weak (when you set the "Volume" key to maximum on the phone and on the device).


It turns out, that the Bose Micro Soundlink device stores in its memory (buffer) a list of names (and settings) of all devices (smartphones, computers, TVs) to which it has ever connected via Bluetooth (!!).
It turns out (from the experience of using my device) there should be less than 5 devices in this list (<5)!
Otherwise, possible problems and failures. (For example "volume control does not work to increase volume").

Solutions (according to Jessie_O, moderator)::
Method 1 (from Jessie_O, moderator):
Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the "Bose Micro Soundlink" for 10 seconds - until the device says:
"The Bluetooth device list has been cleared".
Then we connect our "Bose Micro Soundlink" to the consumer device as a new connection.


Method 2:
In the "Bose Connect" program (on the phone), open the "Settings" -> "Connections" -> "History" section.
It turns out that it lists all computers and phones from which I connected to the "Bose Micro Soundlink",
After partial cleaning, the "History" section - the quality of the device (volume) was restored.