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Nov 18, 2019

SoundLink III won't pair

Last evening I was listening to music thru the SoundLink III, and today I can not get the speaker to work. In my attempt to get it working, I disconnected the pairing from my computer (2018 Asus Rogue) and can not get the speaker to pair up again. I searched the forum, found and performed a reset method (mute button for 10 seconds) to no avail.  I attempted to connect speaker thru my phone (LG Thin 8), still nothing.  It appears the speakers bluetooth is faulty. . This device has not had much use and has not been mistreated in any manner. . .is this a defect covered by Bose's warranty?


Re: SoundLink III won't pair

Hi krisk, 


Welcome to the community. I am very sorry that you are unable to pair your SoundLink speaker to your devices. 


When you state SoundLink III is this the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III? Please use this link to help you confirm your product model. 


Please confirm this for us so that we can assist you further. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support 

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