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Jun 29, 2020

[SoundLink Mini II] 4-pole AUX cable not supported?

Hi everyone,


I am a huge fan of Bose products and I am still using SoundLink Mini II.


However, I did not know ONE thing that frustrates me because nowhere in the Bose website nor in the community mentions the problem.


I was trying to connect my speaker to my small monitor(with bad audio quality) via AUX cable.

I had a choice of buying a cable with 4-pole or 3-pole. Since the speaker has a speakerphone function, I obviously thought that the function will also work when it is connected via AUX cable.

Annoyingly, the speaker cannot even recognize the insertion of the AUX cable if the cable has 4-poles. I tested the cable with other devices and it works fine as new. 

Returning to the Mini II, it works fine when I connect it with a 3-pole AUX cable.


Am I the only one suffering from this problem? Is it the problem of my unit or does it apply to everyone?


I wasted a small fortune to purchase this 4-pole cable and I am annoyed a lot because I cannot find any information regarding this issue.


Thanks for reading this article.


Re: [SoundLink Mini II] 4-pole AUX cable not supported?

Hi QmmDKQ,


Welcome! Thanks for joining us in the community!


It's strange that the speaker isn't able to recognize a connection when using a 4-pole audio cable. I do understand the frustration that you were unable to find information on this and I hope I can help clarify the situation for you!


One thing I would like to point out is, you won't get the benefit of using a 4-pole AUX cable with the speaker, even if it was able to recognize it. You are unable to use the speakerphone function through an AUX connection on the SoundLink Mini. It is only possible to use this when you are connected to it via Bluetooth. Because of this, it may be worth sticking with the 3-pole cable you have and looking at returning the 4-pole version you purchased for this. 


If you do want to continue using the 4-pole version, the only reason I can think the speaker would not recognize it when connected is if the connections on the cable and in the speaker are not lining up correctly. You may be able to have the cable sit so it is not fully inserted to get the connections to line up. However, this could introduce other issues if it is not firmly connected and could be moved around, so whether this would be worth doing is debatable.


Let me know if you have any further questions.

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