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Jan 13, 2021

SoundLink Mini Low Volume when connected to Sony Record Player via Bluetooth

I bought my son a Sony (Sony PS-LX310BT ) record player for Christmas together with a Bose SoundLink Mini speakers to listen to his records on.


The record player is Bluetooth enabled and when I connect the Bose speaker to it, they do pair up no problem.  The issue that I have is that the maximum audio volume that comes through the speaker is very low.  


There are no inbuilt speakers on the record player and no volume controls either.  All the volume control is done through the speaker.  Anyone any ideas why the volume is so low?


Just to clarify, when he connects the speaker to his iPhone and plays music that way, it is fine and the volume can go really loud, the problem just seems to be when he connects the speaker to the record player.


Really frustrated as my teenager is so disappointed about his Christmas present!


Re: SoundLink Mini Low Volume when connected to Sony Record Player via Bluetooth



Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community. I'm sorry to hear you've not been able to use the SoundLink Mini II with your record player, but I'd be happy to advise.


When you were connected, did you try using the onboard volume controls on the speaker, to see if this adjusted the volume at all? It could possibly be the record player setting a limitation, so is there any possibility of trying another Bluetooth speaker or headphones with the record player for reference? This will give us an idea of whether the volume stays low just on the Bose speaker.

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