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Dec 14, 2019

SoundLink Mini will not connect to iPad. Stopped suddenly.

My SoundLink Mini suddenly stopped connecting to my Apple iPad. I did a factory(?) reset by connecting power; holding multifunction button for ten seconds; unplugging power; and releasing multifunction button. Let Mini charge for one hour, as directed.

The iPad reports: "Failure to Connect."

Now what?


Re: SoundLink Mini will not connect to iPad. Stopped suddenly.

Hi @bantufamily,


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community.


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing trouble trying to connect your SoundLink Mini to your iPad. The troubleshooting you've tried so far has been correct so you are definitely on the right path.


In addition to what you've tried, I'd recommend going into the Bluetooth settings on your iPad and selecting the option to 'forget device'. This will remove the speaker from the iPad memory, allowing you to re-create the connection.


Give that a try and let me know if that helps in reconnecting your speaker to your iPad.


Warm regards,

Sam F - Community Support

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