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Jan 20, 2021

Soundlink Color II - Battery Dies, $75 Replacement - Shame!

Just camping on to say my device is 3 year old unit and the battery completely dead.  And the only recourse offered is a new unit at 25% off the current website price.   SHOCKING that something with such a short lifespan is basically being designed as disposable AND I have to throw away something in the garbage that I know somewhere inside has Li batteries in it.  That's terrible for the consumer and terrible for the planet.  So OK, somewhere someone decided to save a extra few cents of engineering  to not make the battery replacable with a standard size battery pack.  Done is done.  But  Bose should be doing FREE replacements just to take care of the customer (who rightly expects more than 3 years from the product), encourage safe disposal and take full life cycle responsibility for their product. Very disappointed.  Will not by Bose again.  Sound may be great, but the product is not responsible. 


Bose product name

SoundLink Color II



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Feb 2, 2020

Re: Soundlink Color II - Battery Dies, $75 Replacement - Shame!


The $75 replacement offer includes freight of your original speaker back to Bose, where the speaker goes into an electronic waste recycling program.  Safe disposal, recycle materials, great for the planet.

Li-Ion batteries such as those used in portable speakers (according to the battery manufacturers) have a life of 3-4 years, depending on how many charge cycles you use.  You'll find this applies to all portable speakers, not only Bose.