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Mar 26, 2020

Soundlink Mini will not power on - no lights - does not charge

I've searched the board, and can not find a solution that will work for my problem. All somewhat similar posts seem to be archived and no longer have the option to reply.

My Soundlink Mini II was working just fine a few days ago. Today, it would not turn on when I tried. I tried charging directly with my Bose plug and cable, and also with the dock. I used 3rd party chargers and cables, too. Then, I viewed the Bose video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC7O06MdBkQ to troubleshoot, and tried every solution I came across. Tried a hard reset. Tried Shipping Mode. Let it charge for an hour in shipping mode  Tried plugging in for an hour. Tried plugging in to computer and updating firmware. Still, nothing. No lights of any kind are lighting up, either. 
I'd love some help. Thank you!

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Re: Soundlink Mini will not power on - no lights - does not charge

Hi jaykayare, 


I am sorry to hear that your SoundLink Mini II is no longer turning on. Thanks for looking into troubleshooting this, these were great steps to perform. 


As you have tried all the troubleshooting which we would commonly suggest, I would recommend that you reach out to your local product support team.  You can reach out to your local support team via clicking this link and selecting your region, this will redirect you to our website. Please scroll to the bottom of the website and there you will find a 'Contact Us' tab, this will provide you with all the relevant contact information for your country.  Due note at this time we are experiencing high volumes of calls due to centre closures from COVID-19. 



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