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Jan 5, 2020

Soundlink Revolve + AUX audio issue

I bought two of this speaker to use them on pc in stereo mode. But on windows 10 both have a really big Bluetooth delay issue. So I thought it would be good to use aux instead until get a new software update. So additionally I purchased cables. But I found out that these speakers have some worse issues with aux. If I use speakers while charging these make noises, okay let’s say I can handle it. The worst issue is that these speakers keep disconnecting every 5 minutes. (Weren’t idle) First I thought it might be a cable or the Windows compatibility issue. But well it wasn’t. I checked it on the other mobile devices. Happens the same. It does happen consistently every 5 mins. Even double checked it with a timer. It’s definitely a software issue. Really need to push a new software update as soon as possible. If not then unfortunately I gotta refund these speakers. Just to let you know these speakers are on the newest version. Thanks.