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Sep 22, 2019

Re: Soundlink Revolve auto power on

Maybe the only way to get Bose to react is starting a social media campaign. 

As long as we're rolling around in their basement and nobody hears it outside, it seems they don't care about anything their customers said. No reaction nothing. 

So start going to social media with this.  Not the technical issue itself, but the way bose is treating its customers aka totally ignoring them. 

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Feb 16, 2018

Re: Soundlink Revolve auto power on

Don't expect any more efforts in these products. They are on the market for quite some time. And BOSE introduces new products, which get the focus.


BOSE does not see our trouble as a real problem with the need to be addressed. The behaviour is "by design", to make it most convenient for the "valued customers".

Magazines don't care about it. The fear to no getting BOSE products or ads any more is too big.


Return the product, sell it or what ever you do with it. Any efforts and pain (and excuses to tell others) are not worth it.


If you wanna keep it, make sure, that you turn off the voice prompts. And to be very sure, that it does not turn on, switch to "AUX". A little hassle, but over all less pain.



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Jan 14, 2020

Re: Soundlink Revolve auto power on (SCAM)



JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH THEIR TERRIBLE SUPPORT TEAM (typical non American Philippines people), trying to tell me to solve my auto connect with power switch on the OFF position  issue as follows:


1. Put the headphones in their cloth case.

2. Move the headphones 50+ Feet from the device they are automatically connected to (I asked if putting them in a neighbors mailbox would work).

3. Turn Your Macbook/iPhone bluetooth off so that they dont connect to the headphones, I use a bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, he couldn't seem to figure out to solution to this situation.

4. Pay them an additional $220 + tax for an additional set of what I would refer to as scam headphones.

5. Throw the original $350 pair in the garbage, which at this point are worth $570 all in.


Should we continue supporting a terrible company such as Bose when there are tons of other options that by the way sell the exact same technology in a different plastic enclosed device with simply a different logo that may offer better customer service?