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Jun 28, 2020

Re: Soundlink color II won't connect to any device

I've re-installed Catalina OS and checked all updates, all ok there. I'm also able to link both ipods and my wireless Bose headphones to the Mac fine.


Re: Soundlink color II won't connect to any device

Thanks for updating us on this Donnavr. 


This is very strange that the issue only occurs between these two devices. Do you have a second Mac that you could possibly test the speaker on to ensure that the issue is not with all Mac/Pc's? 


I would love to hear back from the community if any other users have experienced a similar issue. 

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Sep 13, 2020

Re: Soundlink color II won't connect to any device


I own a Bose SoundLink color II (orange) bluetooth speaker from 2018. It was working fine until yesterday(12th sep 2020). I connected the speaker to my MacBook Pro 2015 unfortunately the speaker did not work . I tried following activities yet I could not resolve the issue:

  • Connection with bluetooth: I can see the device name(means speaker name in MacBook) and can also connect as well as disconnect in my pc.The multi-function button on the speaker is also working fine wherein I can able to pause/play any music/video playing.
  • Connection with audio jack(AUX cable):The speak didn't even work when connected with audio jack except FaceTime call. 
  • The speaker is woking OK with iPhone 6s with no problem above mentioned. I didn't try with audio jack option.
  • I did factory reset as mentioned in the Bose website.
  • I have updated the latest software of Bose Connect app. 
  • I have also updated the latest MacBook pro IOS software .

Yet , the problem is not getting resolve . Could you please support on the issue?

Thanks in advance.