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Nov 30, 2020

Soundlink mini 1 fix

After many attempts my Soundlink Mini 1 was fixed. I would like to share this repair manual because this bluetooth device has amazing sound unlike any other. It is well build and you can not find such quality anymore.

First be sure you have a good battery which can produce 7V. You can measure two last battery connector contacts with multimeter.

The ribbon cable contacts inserted in the connector placed on the small charging board (the side where are the charging power connector and USB needs to be pool out and cleaned. 


Take off the back side mesh pannel (see youtube videos how).

Locate the white ribbon cable entering the connector on the small charging board placed just behind the mesh. It is covered by black tiny sponge which needs to be scratched out (use finger nail or plastic card).

Pool out the ribon cable carefully clean the contacts with very fine sandpaper. Those contacts are exposed to environmental humidity or rain and gets oxidative which caused many different symptoms.

Reinstall the cable.

Have a nice sound again!