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May 24, 2020

Soundlink mini 2 keeps shutting down with MacBook pro

I recently bought soundlink mini pro to work with my MacBook Pro. It worked for a week but now it keeps shutting down as soon as it connects to MacBook. I have already reset by using power button once. It worked for couple of days and it started this shutting down again. All my other devices work good. iPhone, iPad etc have no issues.


Re: Soundlink mini 2 keeps shutting down with MacBook pro

Hello sndeepgarg, 


Thanks for posting. 


That's an unusual issue. Especially considering the problem only seems to be happening with the MacBook pro. 


Have you tried resetting the Mac's internal Bluetooth module? 


  • From your keyboard press (Shift + Option/alt keys and click on the Bluetooth icon at top Mac’s menu bar) 
  • On the Bluetooth menu, you'll see 'Debug' hover over that.
  • Click 'Reset the Bluetooth module'

If you haven't already, I would also suggest checking for firmware updates, both for the Mac, and for the speaker. To update the speaker, visit on your Mac. 



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