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Apr 8, 2020

Soundlink revolve+ no response

My soundlink revolve + stopped charging even though the orange light is blinkin . I tried to reset it but it made no differenc . I tried resetting it again and now the speaker is dead 

My first speaker developed this problem. After speaking to support I sent it off for repairs .  Two weeks later it came back and worked for a month and the same thing happened. I were then sent a replacement speaker only for the same to happen again. 

I'm so frustrated.  Why can't bose sort this **bleep** out. NOT HAPPY 

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Soundlink revolve+ no response

@EstelleversterIt has also happened to me multiple times - repaired Revolve's and brand new Revolves.  I personally believe there is an issue with the firmware that requires a 'fix' to stop this from happening.  I can tell you what I did to make it charge back to 100% which may or may not work for you.


1. Turn off by holding down the multifunction key until the lights blink.

2. Plug in and tap the top power button until it comes on.  Plug in to power on if necessary.

3. Unplug

4. Power on and initialize by holding down the top power key for at least 10 seconds. If won't work try with plugging in first.

5. Power off and power on to get english language prompt. Do not process at this point, yet...

6. Power off and plug in to charge.