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Feb 22, 2021

Soundlink revolve+ stops playing music when I open my phone camera

I just bought my soundlink revolve+ and i have noticed that when I play music and i try to use my phone camera, or use my Google search bar it stops playing my music. I have another small portable speaker by iHome and it let's my music play while I'm using my camera for pictures and other things like Google searches and texting. My phone is an Android.

I want to know if I can fix this or if it's not an option!? Will it turn off my music every time I try to use my camera or any other background work?



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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Soundlink revolve+ stops playing music when I open my phone camera

@Angie1207(I do not work for Bose)

The Bose BT speakers are rather passive - they set up a communication path with the other device and play whatever that device sends it.  If the Revolve is not playing it, it is likely because the device on the other end is not sending it. 


I have an iPhone 12 Plus and started playing music.  Then I start up the camera and the music still plays until I slide the option to "video" and the sound temporarily stops.  The reason Apple designed it that way is (even if the music app is in the background) is because video uses audio.  In fact, if you play audio from the internal phone speaker you will see the same behavior.  We may not like what happened but that is an Apple designed feature - independent of Bose products.  I suspect your phone designed my have done the same thing for applications that need access to audio while you are playing music.