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Feb 25, 2020

Speaker Placement for the L1 Compact

In a band situation, what is the correct position or placement of (2) L1 Compact portable PA speakers? In front of the band or behind the band? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Eddie Thomas


Re: Speaker Placement for the L1 Compact

Hi Eddie,


The placement for the L1 Compact system is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your needs. We would usually recommend placing them behind the band, as this allows both the band and the audience to hear the sound from the speakers. The quote from the user guide is "For optimal sound for both the audience and performer, position the system directly behind – or behind and slightly off to one side of – the performers." 


For more information on speaker placement with your L1 Compact system, I would recommend checking out our Pro Forum. They have a few threads like THIS ONE discussing what they have found is the best placement for their needs, which I'm sure you will find useful.



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