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Nov 7, 2019

Speaker Speaker announcement annoying

I have a Bose Speaker which announces connections but every time my Windows 10 computer performs updates (often nightly) the speaker confirms connections.  I have turned off this audio confirmation, but then if there is a problem now I do not get any response from the speaker. I have turned off the speaker only to have in the middle of the night the speaker proudly exclaiming it has re-established the connection.  How do I disable this audible exclamation during night time hours?  


Re: Speaker Speaker announcement annoying

Hello cwevenson, 


Welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues with the announcements of your speaker. 


I would love to do what I can to assist you with this. So that I can provide you with the most accurate information, can you please inform us on what speaker you own? You can use this link to help you identify your speaker model. 


Do let us know! 


Kind regards, 

Tegan M - Community Support 

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