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Mar 1, 2020

Trouble using portable speakers as speaker phones.

I am having the following issues. I have 3 different Bluetooth speakers that I would like to use for speaker phones while teleworking.  When I make or receive a call it will start connected to them for call audio, but then it will immediately turn it off, some times when I turn it back on it will just turn it back off up to 3 times.

This does not happen in my car, or with my Bluetooth earphones or ear buds.


Devices this happen on 
2x Bose Micro Soundlink
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II

Devices not affected by this issue

Car Scion IQ 2013
Bose quiet comfort 35 II
SoundSport Free wireless ear buds


How do I prevent the phone from turning off the speakers when I make a call.


no I am not using all 3 at once, I am only using one at a time.  It just it does happen on all 3 devices when I try them,

Also note I already asked this on the T-Mobile web site see

Also I have posted this question to the Samsung forums