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Jul 17, 2020

bose soundlink mini 2 not charging

My soundlink mini suddenly stopped working. Due to my living situation I only have access to a 12v dc power supply but its been fine for over a year.

I had been using the speaker daily and charging over night with no issues however a few days ago I went to put the speaker on charge and the red low power light came on rather than the usual orange flasher. The red light does not flash. The speaker does not turn on whilst the power is connected either,  however it had been working and charged to 100% fine the previous day.

I left the speaker connected to the power for 12 hours however it had not taken any charge at all.

I noticed that upon connecting to the power supply the orange charge indicator comes on for an instant before changing to red, and the usual 2 tone audio indicator has become a single beep.

I have tried several different cables both directly into the speaker and through the charge cradle, as well as trying it plugged into a both a 1 amp and 2.1 amp USB socket but nothing seems to have any effect.

Can somebody please advise.


Re: bose soundlink mini 2 not charging

Hey @GHobbes,


I'm sorry to hear you've had some difficulty with charging and using your SoundLink Mini II speaker but I'd be happy to advise. I appreciate you listing the troubleshooting you've tried as that lets me know exactly what has been done.


As you've noticed no such improvement since leaving the system to charge for long periods, tried different cables and methods of charging, there may well be an underlying issue. One last thing I would recommend is to perform a reset, by pressing and holding the Power button for ten seconds until the product powers off.


If this still doesn't help, then I'd recommend reaching out and contacting your local support team to discuss the service options in place for your speaker. To do this, go to Global Contact Page > Select your country > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Click 'Contact Us'. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this!

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