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Jun 22, 2020

bose soundlink

Speaker showing a steady red battery. 


Previously, before i encountered this problem with my speaker it was working fine, audio was good and it charged. But went out with my friends and noticed battery was getting low I immediately  turned my speaker off and left it until i got home that night. When I woke up it wouldn't turn on, charge, reset nothing. I'm confused on why this has happened as its frequently used and charged (when low) i'm open to any suggestions to try fix this problem as I've looked online and tried things off there and curious if anyone else has occurred this problem i'm having would be great before needing to buy another!


Re: bose soundlink

Hello JLM2702, 


Welcome to the forums. 


Please can I ask which specific model of the SoundLink speaker you have, as the troubleshooting is different for reach one. You can identify your speaker by typing in your serial number here

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