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Feb 12, 2020

charger advise for special edition soundlink mini 11

I have just purchased a Bose sounlink mini 11 special edition. There was no charger included.

I have many spare chargers with suitable connections but have read I could damage the unit if the current out of the charger was greater than 1.6 amps.(1)  My Samsung tablet charger has an output of 2 amps, if I used this would the unit  be damaged?

(2) I also have some old apple chargers (iphone 4) would these be more suitable?

Thank you for your time.


Re: charger advise for special edition soundlink mini 11

Hi Polystrene,


Thank you for posting and joining us on the Community. I can help you work out which charger would be best to use.


You are correct the Soundlink Mini II uses an input power of 5 Volts DC, 1.6 Amps. Having a higher amperage on your charger should not cause any issues for your speaker. The amperage rating of a charger is the maximum it can supply to something that is connected. As the SoundLink Mini requires 1.6Amps, any charger rated for 1.6 amps or higher can be used with the speaker.


The important thing to match is the voltage and polarity, you would want to make sure the charger you are using is a 5 Volt DC charger, as having an incorrect voltage and polarity can cause problems with the battery.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Keith L 



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