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Sep 16, 2020

connecting the Tonematch T1 to a 2020 ipad pro

i hope youll help me.
I have a bose tonematch (the first one) and im trying to have it input into my 2020 ipad pro. I have the globe setting set to tonematch to pc, and the output to channel 4/5 but im not able to get any input to my ipad pro.
As far as apps go that ive purchased or downloaded to het this to work i have GarageBand, FL Studio Mobile, AUM, Cubasis and AUF: Space.
I have the tonematch connected from the usb port directly into an apple 3 way usbc hub and directly into the ipad pro. I have an atolla powered usb 3.0 hub i could use, but bipassed it to just focus on the tonematch.
All i want to do is record on to my ipad karaoke from the karafun app.
You have no idea how much money in mics and equipment ive spent and none of this works together.
Is the bose t1 too old?






Re: connecting the Tonematch T1 to a 2020 ipad pro

Hi Biggie Piimpin,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Bose forum!

The T1 can be used as an audio device when connected via USB to a computer or laptop, but will not be recognized as such by the iPad. To record from the T1 to the iPad Pro, you would require a dedicated iOS audio interface, e.g. iRig. 

Hope this helps!