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Feb 19, 2021

soundlink color II vs smart home 300

Bose product name  Soundlink color II and smarthome speaker 300

(Quiet Comfort Earbuds, NC700, Portable Home Speaker, etc.)

Country  USA


For many years I've been using a soundlink color I to listen to music and movies (on my iPad) in bed, with the speaker on my night table.  It's been great for the kind of music I usually listen to (Judy Collins, Eagles, etc.), but lately I've started listening to orchestral music, and I'm not getting quite as much clarity as I would like--I want to really be able to pick out each instrument.  Would I do better with two sounlink color II speakers playing in stereo, or a single smarthome 300?


A couple of considerations:

1. If I use two speakers, I would be much closer to one than the other (I sleep on one side of the bed, and each speaker would be on a night table).  Can the balance between L and R be adjusted to compensate?

2. Can I adjust bass vs treble?

3. When I watch a movie, will the audio be in sync with the video?  (I hate it when it is not!)


Thank you for your advice!



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