[soundlink mini 1] what model number of battery for soundlink mini 1?

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[soundlink mini 1] what model number of battery for soundlink mini 1?


I got a Sound Link Mini 1 as a gift.
I was working a few months later and it just blinking red.

I tried all of the recovery methods in the community, but in the end I failed.
So replacing the battery. but, did not solve the problem.

The problem is I can not tell if the original battery has been thrown away and the model number of the new battery is matched.

So I sent an inquiry to the boss by e-mail, but leave no reply because there is no answer.

Can you tell me the battery model number for my Sound Link Mini 1?

Re: [soundlink mini 1] what model number of battery for soundlink mini 1?

Hi Aupers, 


We aren't able to tell you that information as every battery serial number is different. 


Kind Regards, 

Hector B - Community Support 

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soundlink mini1 repair

I own the soundlink mini1 and live in South Korea.

My soundlink mini1 uses a gift from my friend. When I check it out one day, the red light flashes and does not work.
I tried the reset method suggested by the boss but it did not work.

The Korean boss agency,
1. Genuine products purchased in Korea.
2. The boss must have a certificate of purchase from an authorized distributor.

I can not confirm because I got a gift.

How should repairs be done?

Re: soundlink mini1 repair

Hello Aupers, 


Thanks for reaching back out to the Community! 


Unfortunately, we cannot help in this matter as you will need to have the original proof of purchase to complete the repair. We would suggest reaching out to the person who purchased the product and asking if they have any proof of purchase. If they do not, please can you reach out to a member of our social media teams and explain the situation to see if there is anything that they can do for you. 


I am sorry that we are unable to help more via this platform. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W